We Support The Black Lives Matter Movement

Updated: September 4, 2020

When you start traveling the world – and we mean truly traveling by diving into the history and politics of a place, understanding cultures different from your own, and tasting local food (no matter how uncomfortable) – your barriers start to break and your perspectives start to change. You quickly realize that we are all the same people, yet beautifully different. Whether it’s going to South Africa or Portugal, that difference is not something we fear or avoid, it’s something we celebrate. That’s the foundation that OOO was built on – an idea to explore, learn, and live.

Watching the last few weeks unfold has been sad and painful. For racist and oppressive acts to CONTINUE to happen to our friends in the Black community is heart-breaking. As we’ve learned from them, some of them face these incidents in their daily lives, and this has to stop. Black Lives Matter, and we support the movement.

As a community that celebrates diversity in all forms, we recognize that we too have a long way to go and a lot of work to do on our part to making this community truly diverse. The current racial injustices and economic disparity caused due to the pandemic have reinforced a few steps we are committed to making as a company and as a community with your help:

  • Build a more diverse community – through increased outreach, we will continue to be more inclusive, especially for our black members, who want the same opportunity to travel the world as those of us who have been privileged to do so
  • Create a culture of openness – racism or any form of discrimination have no place in our community. We’ll continue to make sure that our culture values differences in opinions and thinking, but does not tolerate intolerance.
  • Fight for small businesses – the pandemic has disproportionately impacted small and independent businesses. We will continue to fight for our local vendors, contractors and small businesses as we look to restart and rebuild. We are actively supporting Victor (local driver in Cape Town) over the next 3 months, so if you would like to join in the support, please reach out to us.

In light of the current situation, we are postponing our virtual events to future dates. The current momentum is crucial, and we want to keep the attention focused on what matters most right now.

On a positive note, let’s all remember what Juneteenth in America was, is and will always be about – a celebration of freedom. We know that many of you are actively taking part in the protests and are doing everything you can to be a voice for change. We applaud you for all of your efforts and activism. This is going to be a long battle, but we’re in it with you. If you would like to connect, we’re always here so please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us.

Stay safe and positive,

The Out Of Office Club