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Out Of Office

To explore the world one week at a time

We help working professionals disconnect from work for one week and connect with an open, safe and like-minded community. Travel affordably to unique locations for immersive and local experiences without the hassle of planning or traveling alone.


Step away from the desk to break that routine. Spend a week in a new place and challenge the norms, broaden your perspectives and travel outside the box. Do this at your own pace.
Don’t worry about traveling alone or waiting on a friend to align schedules. We know how frustrating that is. That’s why we built this community of curious and open-minded people, who are excited to travel together!
As professionals we know the grind but we also understand how important time-off is. Don’t stress about researching the right accommodation or the best dinner place or a local event. We got you!


Thinking of going OOO with us? Learn more about the city you are interested in and connect with us!

Mar 21-28, 2020
Delayed until further notice due to COVID-19.
May 23-30, 2020
June 13-20, 2020

Later in 2020

Coming Soon
September 5 - 12, 2020
Coming Soon
November 21 - 28, 2020
Coming Soon
Mexico City
December (TBD), 2020


OOO hit it out of the park.
“OOO hit it out of the park. I felt like I was adventuring with someone who knew all the secrets of the land. Epic is an understatement! Thanks, OOO, for an experience I'll never forget.”


OOO in Cape Town - November, 2019

15/10 would recommend
Fantastic experience from start to finish. I was able to enjoy the entire week absolutely worry-free, knowing that everything was taken care of and that we had days jam-packed full of fun and activities. I really liked the balance of pre-planned events and having the flexibility to go on more premium "events" at our leisure. The group was amazing and I can't honestly think of ways that it could have gone any better than it did.

Ashwin Khurana

OOO in Mexico City, December 2019

These are my people!
I wish their dream had come to life sooner so I could have more trips with them because this is by far my favorite way to travel. I will be lifer with this crew for sure! From the detail in the City Guides to the hearts of each person we traveled with, every piece was a treasure.

Mary Elizabeth

OOO in Mexico City, May 2019
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